Why Esoteric Astrology?

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” (Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy, p99)

Happiness is not realisation

Many people have undergone an initial awakening to self-awareness, and are working through the often challenging and inevitable inner adjustments that stabilise this shift in consciousness. This can involve upheaval and conflict, which is why some people postpone the journey in a round of “spiritual tourism”, hopping from one practice to the next whenever the inner challenge seems overwhelming, while appearing to be almost continually happy. The process can, however, only be postponed.

If you have reached the limits of popular new age offerings, or are disillusioned by proscribed paths and “spiritual leaders”, or are experiencing inner turbulence after an initial awakening, esoteric astrology may help you to go deeper. It resonates with those preparing themselves for long-term commitment to the evolutionary urge in humanity, and is for anyone who takes responsibility for the impact of their own thoughts, feelings and actions on others.

Re-bind yourself to a meaningful sense of direction

Because this journey is often punctuated by personal issues and challenging circumstances, we can become dispirited and weary. Esoteric astrology is a non-religious method of re-binding ourselves to an essentially inward sense of direction. Although not for everyone, if you are inspired by personal connections between the fascinating principles symbolised by the interweaving cycles and patterns of human life, the Earth, and our solar system with the vast stellar backdrop, it can be a powerful and revealing companion on the journey.

Such an approach can appear complex after the heady simplicity of first awakenings. Yet it can encourage and inspire anyone who—in their steadfastness to the process of growth—is looking for deeper insight and a more inclusive context that shifts the individual path into greater perspective. The goal is the comparative simplicity of an integrated personality.

Esoteric asrtrology: introductions

For the background behind esoteric astrology, please download the Introduction to Esoteric Astrology (PDF).

There is a comprehensive introductory series of videos from the Morya Federation by Eva Smith and BL Allison—Esoteric Astrology & Chart Delineation—comparing orthodox and Esoteric Astrology. If you already know the basics, you can skip ahead to the comprehensive information on the rays in esoteric astrology and pick up the series from there.