Aspects: an esoteric overview

A foundation for using aspects in esoteric astrology

There is no direct information in Esoteric Astrology about astrological aspects (the angles formed by planets in the circle of the horoscope) so esoteric astrologers must draw their own conclusions. However, given their numerical and geometric origins in the numbers 1–12, and certain passages in the book, it is relatively easy to integrate aspects with the existing systems of esoteric astrology.

Cardinal cross
odd numbered aspects from polygons of 1, 5, 7 sides
plus 10 (digital root 1: 1+0)
Fixed cross
aspects from polygons of 2, 4, 8 sides (divisible by 2 but not 3)
plus 11 (digital root 2: 1+1)
Mutable cross
aspects from polygons of 3, 6, 9 sides (divisible by 3)
plus 12 (digital root 3: 1+2)

Overall, then, it is up to each esoteric astrologer to include or ignore aspects in their practice, or use them as a connection between the esoteric and orthodox charts. If included, aspects can easily be harmonised with the primary scheme of esoteric astrology: the 3 crosses and the seven rays. This is most obviously accomplished through their geometrical and numerical properties.