The Seven Rays

Three aspects, four attributes: seven rays

Using the thread of ray influences, correspondences between planets and signs of sympathetic ray can highlight deep and significant formative patterns that are not ordinarily apparent. The way these patterns are represented in the individual horoscope represent the predominant qualities of a particular life. (see EA 489-92)

The entire system of esoteric astrology is predicated on three primary principles as embodied in the three crosses, and the seven rays, which are covered extensively throughout Alice Bailey’s books1 and by many other authors since (e.g. Kurt Abraham). Their meaning can also be traced in the symbolic and geometric properties of the first seven numbers.

The rays are primarily expressed on Earth through the three signs of their ray triangles (the current controlling sign is highlighted bold (EA 490)) and at least one further triangle of energies involving a specific planet and one of the “big three”: Great Bear, Sirius, Pleiades (also see the triangle Great Bear-Sirius-Pleiades). From there, within our solar system they are channelled through the seven sacred planets, with three rays also expressed through a secondary non-sacred planet, and two by the Sun and Moon:

Ray Ray triangle Prime planet Second planet
1st ray—Primal energy Aries-Leo-Capricorn Vulcan Pluto
2nd ray—Love, wisdom Gemini-Virgo-Pisces Jupiter (The Sun)
3rd ray—Active intelligence Cancer-Libra-Capricorn Saturn Earth
4th ray—Mediation Taurus-Scorpio-Sagittarius Mercury (The Moon)
5th ray—Science, proportion Leo-Sagittarius-Aquarius Venus -
6th ray—Idealism Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces Neptune Mars
7th ray—Structure, pattern Aries-Cancer-Capricorn Uranus -

Although other triangles are specific to certain rays, these are the primary ray triangles as represented on the main navigation diagram (top left).

These seven qualities—three rays of aspect and four rays of attribute—form the foundation of an astrology that brings the crosses (cardinal, fixed, mutable), plus the elements, aspects, planets and signs of astrological symbolism together under a vision designed to aid personal growth in an esoteric context. Using this esoteric astrological approach we can find a place the universal, where the personal falls into place within the greater pattern.

Overall, this simplifies the complexity of all other astrological features into triadic groupings with the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable modes acting as a framework, enhanced by a septenary series of ray qualities.

  1. Available from the Lucis Trust. Particularly A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Esoteric Psychology (Vols. I and II), Discipleship in the New Age (Vols. I and II), Esoteric Healing