Planets: Sun—ray 2 (non-sacred)

Ray 2 triangle

A Ray 2 (non-sacred planet)

Method: The established self as an integrated personality

Rulerships: Orthodox: Leo Esoteric: Leo Hierarchical: Leo
Dignities: Exaltation: Aries Fall: Pisces Libra Detriment: Aquarius
Paired planet (Ray 2): Jupiter
Symbol: A A circle with a central point.
Sun triangles:

Sun: general information

The Sun has multiple roles in esoteric astrology, as:

  1. the conduit for for the universal Ray 2 in general, which is the origin of the seven sub-rays embodied by the planets in our solar system
  2. one of the “big three” of any horoscope: Ascendant, Sun, Moon
  3. with the Moon, one of the two “veiling planets” in esoteric astrology

(more details on each point to follow)

Sun: Rulerships

  • Orthodox: Leo
  • Esoteric: Leo
  • Hierarchical: Leo

Orthodox: Leo

Details to follow

Esoteric: Leo

The Sun veils one of 3 planets: in this case either Neptune or Uranus, but Vulcan is also possible, especially if Virgo or Taurus are also strong, of there’s a prominent Ray 1 emphasis.

Hierarchical: Leo

The Sun veils one of 3 planets: here it will likely be Uranus if the area of development is predominantly Cardinal or in a chart that favours odd-numbered Rays, or possibly Neptune in a chart that has a Fixed Cross emphasis, or predominantly even-numbered Rays.

Sun decanates

(To follow) The decanates in Esoteric Astrology are not given consistently. They are sometimes reversed and other times given in the familiar direction. Current research aims to provide a coherent system that ensures consistency and reduces ambiguity, while adhering to the basic tenets of the esoteric decanates as well as the “reversal of the wheel”. Alan Leo’s decanates tend to follow the traditional method (i.e. the rulers of each sequential sign by element), yet Alice Bailey often replaces these, sometimes with Sephirial’s planets, and at other times with fresh esoteric replacements.

For now, decanates are covered under the “Details” tab in each sign.

Sun Dignities

Exaltation in Aries

To follow

Fall in Pisces

To follow

Fall in Libra

To follow

Detriment in Aquarius

To follow