Planets: Venus—ray 5 (sacred)

Ray 5 triangle

D Ray 5 (sacred planet)

Method: Refinement of the mind, appreciation of intelligent division

Rulerships: Orthodox: Taurus Libra Esoteric: Gemini Hierarchical: Capricorn
Dignities: Exaltation: Pisces Fall: Virgo Detriment: Aries Scorpio
Symbol: D An circle above an equal-armed cross.
Venus triangles:

Venus: general information

Venus exemplifies one of the major shifts in Esoteric Astrology from the familiar. While embodying the principle of love-wisdom as originating in Ray 2, the planet also transmits the intelligent division and “science” of Ray 5 (see the fifth ray triangle). The best way of understanding this is symbolised by the well-known geometry of the golden section or golden proportion, where the smaller part is to the greater as the greater is to the whole; a ratio approximated in the Fibonacci sequence (in which each number is the sum of the two preceding ones). This proportion appears throughout nature as the way in which matter can be arranged in an optimum yet beautiful way, symbolising the real “scientific beauty” that Venus embodies.

Venus also represents the individual soul which, in the theosophically-derived system followed in Esoteric Astrology, is the root of the real self “behind” the personality, carrying the essential systemic principle of love-wisdom (embodied in the sun of our solar system) during the process of conscious evolution or the “path of discipleship”. In the inner psychology of the subtle bodies that make up human existence the soul or “causal body” exists between the abstract higher mind and the rational self, and is held to preserve and process the knowledge gained from the experience of each incarnation, retaining the resulting wisdom between each. This human-level role is derived from the idea that, for humanity, Venus in this solar system is the soul to the Earth as personality.

The rulerships of Venus follow the rather mysterious role of the planet in esoteric astrology, from the personal in Taurus and Libra, through the esoteric in Gemini and the hierarchical and universal in Capricorn. Once the esoteric psychological and cosmic schemes are grasped, the complex role of Venus becomes easier to work with.

Venus: Rulerships

Orthodox: Taurus

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Orthodox: Libra

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Esoteric: Gemini

Details to follow: the objective mind in the field of personal bonds, the intelligent application of dispassionate connection.

Hierarchical: Capricorn

Details to follow: Venus as hierarchical ruler of Capricorn: the need of the abstract and formless for form, the processing of experience in the redemption of matter; Makara—the cryptic “secret of the crocodiles” and spiritual element of humanity to refine and elevate matter. See the 5th hierarchy (EA 37, 45-49).

Venus decanates

The decanates in Esoteric Astrology are not given consistently. They are sometimes reversed and other times given in the familiar direction. In conventional astrology they simply follow the rulerships of the signs in the elemental triad. They are consequently not always clear, and neither is the direction of travel. Alice Bailey draws on Theosophical Astrologers Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old) and Alan Leo, and for some decanates gives fresh esoteric replacements. Further, information on the decanates of some signs differs from that given elsewhere for the same sign, whereas in other cases they’re stated clearly. Some decanate rulerships also coincide with esoteric rulerships, or hint at planets veiled by the Sun or Moon, while others are explained as substitutes for planets with a related influence. For more information, see notes about the decanates

Venus Dignities

Exaltation in Pisces

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Fall in Virgo

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Detriment in Aries

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Detriment in Scorpio

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