Signs: Cardinal Cross—Capricorn

Ray 3 triangle Ray 1 triangle Ray 7 triangle

Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back

The peak experience: material depth offering maximum spiritual opportunity

Cardinal complement:Cancer
Rays:Ray 7, Ray 1, Ray 3
Othodox ruler:Saturn
Esoteric ruler:Saturn
Hierarchical ruler:Venus
Esoteric decanates:1st: Saturn, 2nd: Venus, 3rd: Sun
Retrogressive motto:Let ambition rule and the door stand wide
Capricorn triangles:

Capricorn in detail

Details to follow.


Two sets of rulers for the three decanates are available. According to Alan Leo, we have Saturn, Venus and Mercury. According to Sepharial we have Jupiter, Mars and the Sun. Of these two, the first is the more correct and the more esoteric. The true rulers are Saturn, Venus and the Sun. I would remind you that Mercury and the Sun are interchangeable but that in this case the Sun stands exoterically for Mercury and esoterically for a hidden planet.

Saturn relates Capricorn to the previous sign Aquarius, upon the ordinary wheel, and Jupiter, exoterically understood, relates Capricorn to Sagittarius upon the reversing wheel. It will be obvious to all esotericists that the Sun is the obvious ruler of the third decanate, veiling as it does a hidden and deeply significant planet and being that which reveals divinity at the time of the third initiation. You will note how, in this great sign of initiation, Saturn reveals the nature of the third aspect of divinity, the nature of intelligent substance; Venus reveals the nature of the second aspect, which is consciousness or intelligent love, whilst the Sun—the physical Sun and the heart of the Sun together—reveals the synthesis of these two. (EA 172-3)

Saturn, through which energy flows from Leo, via Shamballa, to Humanity, governs two decanates in Capricorn. Hence its extreme potency today in the triangle of Humanity. Saturn breaks up existing conditions by the force of its energy impact, thus enabling the influence of Mercury to be more fully expressed. The vision can then be intuitively perceived when obstructions have been removed. (EA 442)