esoteric astrology map Vulcan: ray 1 (sacred)

Ray 1 triangle

Ray 1 (sacred planet)

The forging and construction of new forms from raw materials.

Rulerships: Orthodox: none | Esoteric: Taurus | Hierarchical: Taurus
Paired planet (Ray 1):Pluto
Symbol:A semicircle surmounted by an upward-pointing arrow.
Vulcan triangles:

Vulcan as orthodox ruler

Vulcan has no orthodox rulerships.

Vulcan as esoteric ruler

Details to follow of Vulcan as esoteric ruler of Taurus: bringing about material integration to clear inner vision, the forging of a worthy vehicle for the self.

Vulcan as hierarchical ruler

Details to follow of Vulcan as hierarchical ruler of Taurus: pure grounded will.