esoteric astrology map Pluto: ray 1 (non-sacred)

Ray 1 triangle

Ray 1 (non-sacred planet)

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Rulerships: Orthodox: Scorpio | Esoteric: Pisces | Hierarchical: Pisces
Paired planet (Ray 1):Vulcan
Symbol:A cross surmounted by a semicircle cradling a small circle.
Pluto triangles:

Pluto as orthodox ruler

Details to follow

Pluto as esoteric ruler

Details to follow of Pluto as esoteric ruler of Pisces: the adaptive and often hidden “will of water”, the need to keep flowing around obstacles and to fill the depths and hollows.

Pluto as hierarchical ruler

Details to follow of Pluto as hierarchical ruler of Pisces: the transformative power of regeneration, stimulating global change through initial destruction, tidal clearing of the land for new growth.