Signs: Cardinal Cross—Libra

Ray 3 triangle

I seek the way which leads between the two great lines of force

Reaching the midpoint: balance leading to an inevitable change of direction

Cardinal complement:Aries
Rays:Ray 3
Othodox ruler:Venus
Esoteric ruler:Uranus
Hierarchical ruler:Saturn
Esoteric decanates:1st: Jupiter, 2nd: Saturn, 3rd: Mercury
Retrogressive motto:Let choice be made
Libra triangles:

Libra in detail

Details to follow.


The rulers of the decanates in this sign are again dual in their presentation by different schools of astrologers. Sepharial gives us the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter, whilst Alan Leo posits the controlling planets as Venus, Saturn and Mercury. In this case, as in some others, the truth lies between the two or in a combination of both. The true rulers of the decanates in Libra are Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. I need not enlarge upon their effect except to point out that the result of the Jupiterian influence is to “open the door of the womb” in Virgo… {page no.?}