Planets: Saturn—ray 3 (sacred)

Ray 3 triangle

G Ray 3 (sacred planet)

Method: Intensification, growth through the opportunities of crisis

Rulerships: Orthodox: Capricorn Esoteric: Capricorn Hierarchical: Libra
Dignities: Exaltation: Libra Fall: Aries Detriment: Cancer Leo
Paired planet (Ray 3): Earth
Symbol: G a cross surmounting the left of a semicircle
Saturn triangles:

Saturn: general information

Saturn has a complex role in esoteric astrology, depending on context. In the vast cosmic sense it conveys the first ray energy of will from the Great Bear via Leo (see triangle) to our solar system, yet also governs the general third aspect of matter or form in this solar system, and consequently life in the “three worlds” of human experience (physical, emotional, mental). Further, on the fixed cross it is the planet that provides opportunities for the development of the second aspect of consciousness and love/wisdom (see triangle).

The highest mental attribute of Saturn is perfection … giving an intense desire to find out the true state of things.” … “Saturn delays, retards and hinders for no other purpose than that perfection shall be reached by all things and all [people]. Saturn concentrates and purifies until all impurities are, as it were, precipitated to the bottom of each earth life, until right action is performed for right’s sake only.” —Alan Leo The Art of Synthesis, p93

Saturn: Rulerships

Orthodox: Capricorn

Details to follow of Saturn as exoteric ruler of Capricorn: the drive to establish material achievement.

Esoteric: Capricorn

Details to follow of Saturn as esoteric ruler of Capricorn: stability of purpose, consolidation of the personal self as a vehicle for the expression of greater purpose.

Hierarchical: Libra

Details to follow of Saturn as hierarchical ruler of Libra: the ideal state of balance, the deep patience of global justice, the stable portal to another phase.

Saturn decanates

The decanates in Esoteric Astrology are not given consistently. They are sometimes reversed and other times given in the familiar direction. In conventional astrology they simply follow the rulerships of the signs in the elemental triad. They are consequently not always clear, and neither is the direction of travel. Alice Bailey draws on Theosophical Astrologers Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old) and Alan Leo, and for some decanates gives fresh esoteric replacements. Further, information on the decanates of some signs differs from that given elsewhere for the same sign, whereas in other cases they’re stated clearly. Some decanate rulerships also coincide with esoteric rulerships, or hint at planets veiled by the Sun or Moon, while others are explained as substitutes for planets with a related influence. For more information, see notes about the decanates

Saturn Dignities

Exaltation in Libra

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Fall in Aries

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Detriment in Cancer

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Detriment in Leo

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