Triangles: Leo Saturn GreatBear


First ray, connected with the head centre of the planet

First ray triangle (G series) connected with the head centre of the planet (Shamballa) controlling base, and to disciples, linked to series N triangle: GreatBear-Aries-Pluto

One of three primary group G triangles that focus the energies of the big 3 (GreatBear-Sirius-Pleiades), and related to group N. See the two horizontal triangles formed by the signs and planets of these interlocking series Leo-Capricorn-Pisces, Mercury-Saturn-Uranus and the triangle formed by the signs’ hierarchical rulerships: Venus-Jupiter-Pluto for more details.

Transmitting rays 1, 2 and 3


Bigger picture and horizontal—possibilities

Also related to (EA 349):

Esoteric Astrology: 421, 427, 435-41, 451