Triangles: Greatbear Sirius Pleiades

Main source of rays 1-3

Lying behind the many interlocking triangles in our solar system and conditioning them are three energies coming from three major constellations (EA 415)

This triangle features in Esoteric Astrology as the primary source of the first three rays and the origin of all other triangles:

Before these rays reach our solar system and are stepped down by the Sun and then the planets, they are said to originate from these three sources. Because they lay the foundation for the appearance of the many lesser triplicities that occur throughout esoteric astrology, the “big three” are referenced throughout Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology. Two subsidiary triangles are formed by the signs Aries-Cancer-Leo and the planets Venus-Jupiter-Pluto from these three fundamental triangles. The seven rays are then primarily expressed when “stepped down” for us on Earth through a further three triangles:

As with the first set of triangles, the three signs and planets in these triangles also form subsidiary triangles: Leo-Capricorn-Pisces, Mercury-Saturn-Uranus.

When applying this information to any specific horoscope, connections between the 5 signs and 6 planets in both sets of triangles can be traced throughout a chart to assess the strength and influence of each of the three main principles, especially if related to the balance of the three crosses with their focal planets: Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn. The relationships may appear conflicting but work at different levels: cosmic, systemic and planetary, as well as archetypal (humanity as a whole), global (concerning the evolution of Earth itself) and human (as one of the Three World Centres); but if the latter planets are used as indicators towards understanding where the modes of each cross are focussed, signs and planets from the greater triangles can be used as further information. This entire web of influences appears as follows:

Great Bear Sirius Pleiades
Aries-Leo: Ray 1 Leo-Pisces: Ray 2 Cancer-Capricorn: Ray 3
via: Pluto-Saturn via: Jupiter-Uranus via: Venus-Mercury
Cardinal Fixed Mutable
Synthesis via: Jupiter Intensification via Saturn Change via: Mercury

A little thinking reveals some of the less obvious connections: Saturn rules the other Ray 1 sign Capricorn; Jupiter and Uranus are two rulers of Leo’s complementary Aquarius (as is Saturn in the older scheme); Venus is Capricorn’s hierarchical ruler, while Mercury is on the same ray 4 as Cancer’s ruler the Moon.

Note: Sirius and the Pleiades feature in more recent “channelled” material, sometimes with rather glamoured interpretations, where the meaning has strayed far from that intended in the original esoteric output of H. P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. However, like many other similar outputs it may have offered a “way in” to self-awareness.

1945-1975: the first initiation for humanity

While The GreatBear-Sirius-Pleiades triangle is the pervasive foundation behind triangles in general, at the time Esoteric Astrology was written, the signs Leo, Capricorn and Pisces were framed (EA 538-547) as a crucial temporary influence—peaking in 1945 and declining until 1975—as a specific instance of their general influence (EA 537). This important period enabled humanity to take the first initiation, as is evidenced not only by the widespread New Age movement—globally active across national boundaries—but also by the polarisation and struggle between:

These two connected trends are evidence that the challenging struggle between the “soul and the personality” is experienced by humanity as a whole. This early sign of the second initiation follows the initial rush or dawning of awareness experienced at the first initiation, and is therefore encouraging, despite the pain of conflict. This is stimulated by the precession of the equinox point into the constellation Aquarius, and the consequent transference of the controlling Ray 5 sign.

Esoteric Astrology: 415-16, 427, 435, 538-547