esoteric astrology mapAbout Esoteric Astrology

Deeper complexity, simpler methods

Esoteric Astrology simplifies the complexity of contemporary astrology via three fundamental divisions and seven qualities—based on the symbolic meanings of first seven numbers and the fundamental properties of the first three. These primary three aspects and successive four attributes appear as the seven rays. This symbolic structure also delivers an overview that highlights the overall learning process rather than details of personal events and traits (already covered well by psychological astrologers), enabling us to place our experiences within a big picture and reveal a sense of direction—a purpose that extends the personal into the universal.

This website takes Alice Bailey’s seminal book Esoteric Astrology as a departure point. The research behind it was first initiated within a group of esoteric astrologers who met to exchange ideas and develop new methods of implementation. The aim now is to refine the ideas and attempt to complete the picture first outlined in that book by:

  1. teasing out elements of most practical use to contemporary astrologers;
  2. discarding concepts that have become culturally redundant;
  3. interpolating information missing from Bailey’s original work;
  4. clarifying problematic issues and ambiguous information.

Finding your way

Complex information is best embodied in concise symbolic maps that depict at a glance the interwoven relationships between rays, signs and planets within esoteric astrology. The main geometric diagram of relationships on the home page (and top left, every page) serves as the primary navigation aid on this site, and for esoteric astrology itself.

Areas that expand upon information missing in the original book include a system for the esoteric simplification of aspects, and an exhaustive directory containing details of all triangles mentioned in Esoteric Astrology.

Some central tenets of esoteric astrology—many of which may be unfamiliar to astrologers—are outlined under key concepts.