Signs: Fixed Cross—Scorpio

Ray 4 triangle

Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant

Value through sharing the self: freedom from insecurity and emotional traps

Fixed complement:Taurus
Rays:Ray 4
Othodox ruler:Pluto
Esoteric ruler:Mars
Hierarchical ruler:Mercury
Esoteric decanates:1st: Mars, 2nd: Sun, 3rd: Venus
Retrogressive motto:Let Maya flourish and let deception rule
Scorpio triangles:

Scorpio in detail

Details to follow.


The three decanates and their rulers are given very differently by various astrologers. One group posits Mars, the Sun and Venus as ruling the decanates of Scorpio whilst another regards Mars, Jupiter and the Moon as the three rulers. Perhaps the truth lies in both conclusions, if we view them from the esoteric standpoint or from that of the undeveloped man. This will be an interesting point for astrologers to investigate and study. Some day they will arrive at a clear decision as to the position of the five planets suggested as ruling the decanates (they agree on one); I cannot indicate to you the essential truth because a new planet is arising in this sign and it is for man to discover and rightly place it within the circumference of the Great Wheel. (EA 226)