Planets: Mars—ray 6 (non-sacred)

Ray 6 triangle

E Ray 6 (non-sacred planet)

Method: The struggle towards an ideal

Rulerships: Orthodox: Aries Esoteric: Scorpio Hierarchical: Sagittarius
Dignities: Exaltation: Capricorn Fall: Cancer Detriment: Libra Taurus
Paired planet (Ray 6): Neptune
Symbol: E A circle surmounted by an arrow pointing top right
Mars triangles:

Mars: general information

Details to follow

Mars: Rulerships

Orthodox: Aries

More to follow.

Esoteric: Scorpio

Details to follow of Mars as esoteric ruler of Scorpio: the “spiritual warrior” whose own self is the battleground. Developing focussed will through personal continuity, endurance despite obstacles and adherence to the chosen aims. The “training ground of the will”

Hierarchical: Sagittarius

Details to follow of Mars as hierarchical ruler of Sagittarius: unswerving direction and accuracy of aim.

Mars decanates

In conventional astrology, decanates simply follow the rulerships of each elemental triad, but Esoteric Astrology has inconsistent information. See notes about the decanates, and the “decans” tab under each sign.

Mars Dignities

Exaltation in Capricorn

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Fall in Cancer

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Detriment in Libra

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Detriment in Taurus

Mars is in detriment in this sign. Its activity adds constantly to the naturally warlike nature of Taurus but the potency of the Taurian struggle is so great, esoterically speaking, that the effect of Mars is lost in the larger whole. It “adds to the glamour and confusion and yet holds within itself hope for the struggling [individual].” (EA 402)