Planets: Neptune—ray 6 (sacred)

Ray 6 triangle

I Ray 6 (sacred planet)

Method: Mystical wisdom and love, atmosphere, abstract ideals

Rulerships: Orthodox: Pisces Esoteric: Cancer Leo Hierarchical: Cancer
Dignities: Exaltation: Cancer Leo Fall: Capricorn Detriment: Virgo Aquarius
Paired planet (Ray 6): Mars
Symbol: I A cross surmounted by a trident.
Neptune triangles:

Neptune: general information

Details to follow

Neptune: Rulerships

Orthodox: Pisces

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Esoteric: Cancer

Details to follow of Neptune as esoteric ruler veiled by the Moon (Cancer), the ability to feel how to provide a “lighted house” for a group, to respond with compassion to what lies beyond the personal.

Esoteric: Leo

Details to follow of Neptune as esoteric ruler veiled by the Sun (Leo), a ‘big heart’ and the ability to transcend the personal and provide direction for a group.

Hierarchical: Cancer

Details to follow of Neptune as hierarchical ruler of Cancer: veiled by the Moon, the ocean of compassion and sea of universal, unconditional love.

Neptune decanates

In conventional astrology, decanates simply follow the rulerships of each elemental triad, but Esoteric Astrology has inconsistent information. See notes about the decanates, and the “decans” tab under each sign.

Neptune Dignities

Exaltation in Cancer

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Exaltation in Leo

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Fall in Capricorn

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Detriment in Virgo

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Detriment in Aquarius

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