Triangles: Aries Cancer Capricorn

The Aries-Cancer-Capricorn triangle

Seventh ray triangle, and one of three triangles of “crisis”

This all-cardinal triangle has two distinct yet complementary interpretations: the 7th ray triangle, and one of three triangles taken from seven constellations indicating key points of ‘crisis’

Interpretation 1: The 7th ray triangle

The following applies to all seven ray triangles:

The seven stars of the Great Bear are the originating sources of the seven rays in our solar system [which] express themselves through the medium of the seven planetary logoi [which in turn] manifest through the medium of the seven sacred planets. Each [ray] is transmitted into our solar system through [a triangle of] three constellations and their ruling planets (EA 422-3)

This relation is the basis of the entire science of triangles and, therefore, of astrology itself; it is also related to the rays, the constellations, their ruling planets and our Earth in a great synthesis of energies; it relates our solar system to the larger whole and our tiny non-sacred planet to the solar system.
… These seven triangles of energy … pour their force through one of the constellations in each triangle (EA 489-90)

This inter-relation is effective in this world cycle and will remain so until the end of the Aquarian Age. Table (EA 423, 489-90). Site map shows lines to controlling signs

This triangle is the medium of expression for Ray seven. See that section under ‘Rays’ for more information on the effects of ray seven. All points are active, and while Capricorn is the controlling sign,

Aries is the most potent and active

Capricornian energy produces initiation and the overcoming of materialism

Through Ray VII we demonstrate on Earth the nature of that synthesis [of the whole via the three main rays] through the medium of the appearing form and the purpose of that underlying will. (EA 489-91 … 634)

This triangle differs from the first ray triangle of Aries-Leo-Capricorn by one sign only. Cancer replaces Leo, since the seventh ray serves to bring to birth—to ground or make manifest—those things (be they ideas or lives) that have been conceived or initiated by the action of the first ray. Cancer is the sign through which that seeking expression gains material form, and the activity of this triangle is typified by that process known as the ‘externalisation of the mysteries’, where that knowledge once held by a few gradually becomes more widely accessible as the general level of human consciousness expands.

See the first ray triangle Aries-Leo-Capricorn
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See the first ray triangle Aries-Leo-Capricorn

Interpretation 2: Crisis of emergence from the mass to final liberation

One of three interlinked triangles of crisis, consisting of seven signs (EA472), governing major points of ‘crisis’ in the life cycle of the reincarnating human soul. (474-6)

The following three triangles—of which this is the first—each influence one of three vast cycles in the development of human consciousness:

(1) The cycle of evolution
From the emergence of an individual out of the group souls of tribe, herd or pack, to the “emergence on the stage of world affairs” of what we loosely and imprecisely term an “enlightened soul” or avatar. This all-cardinal triangle covers the broad, slow sweep of human life which is the inevitable process of birth, or emergence out of the mass, of an individual soul (Cancer), death—both literal, psychological and, in the final liberation from the “three worlds of human endeavour” into the realm of Buddhi or intuition, spiritual—(Capricorn), punctuated by the “quantum leaps” of the seven initiations (Aries). The experience of liberation in Capricorn is the final outcome of this cycle.
(2) The cycle of aspiration
(3) The cycle of initiation

Esoteric Astrology: 423, 474, 489-91, 634