esoteric astrology map Mutable Cross

Ray 6 triangle Ray 5 triangle Ray 4 triangle Ray 2 triangle

Axis one: GeminiSagittarius

Relation of the personal to the transpersonal self: personal integration

Axis two: VirgoPisces

Love and nurturing of the self: strength to care for others

Qualities:Activity, applied intelligence, refinement
Method:The necessity for change, learning through practical application
Personality aspect:Physical life and lived experience
Growth area:Wise management of material activities and respect for the physical (‘first initiation’)
Related to:The Third ray, Pleiades
Planet of expression:Mercury as an instigator of activity and change
Cardinal cross rays:Ray 2, Ray 4, Ray 5, Ray 6
Symbol:to follow

Mutable Cross in detail

Details to follow.