Planets: Earth—ray 3 (non-sacred)

Ray 3 triangle

W Ray 3 (non-sacred planet)

Method: The field of human experience

Rulerships: Orthodox: none Esoteric: Sagittarius Hierarchical: Gemini
Dignities: Exaltation: Libra Fall: Aries Detriment: Gemini
Paired planet (Ray 3): Saturn
Symbol: W An equal-armed cross surrounded by, or surmounting, a circle below
Earth triangles:

Earth: general information

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Earth: Rulerships

Orthodox: none

Earth has no orthodox rulerships.

Esoteric: Sagittarius

Details to follow of Earth as esoteric ruler of Sagittarius.

Hierarchical: Gemini

Details to follow of Earth as hierarchical ruler of Gemini.

Earth decanates

The Earth as used in esoteric astrology rules no decanates.

Earth Dignities

Although, strictly speaking, the Earth has no allocated dignities, detriment could be extrapolated (in the traditional way) as the opposite of Sagittarius, where Earth is the esoteric ruler; while Exaltation and Fall could follow the paired Ray 3 planet Saturn. This is a suggestion only:

  • Exaltation: Libra (as with Saturn, opposite Sun in Aries)
  • Fall: Aries (as with Saturn)
  • Detriment: hierachical ruler of Gemini as the “waning brother” to Venus (EA 361), and opposite esoteric rulership Sagittarius,

Exaltation in Libra

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Fall in Aries

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Detriment in Gemini

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