Aspects: Cardinal—synthesis

Life: stimulating synthesis, personal integration and direction in each of the fields of experience, from intuition to the material life. Key qualities and skills, the will, related to the Cardinal cross

What may be, skills and traits that require effort, inner focus or a concentrated will to develop and deploy

Cardinal cross potentiality

Conjunction : 1

A focus and initiatory point that combines the rays of the planets involved, brought together as a unit that works through the ray and qualities of the sign in which they’re placed—especially if the planetary rays also match the sign or its rulers. Unity, synthesis.

Quintiles: 5

“specialization and the skill to distinguish between essentials and non-essentials”

The will to create according to specific skills, specialisms or practice, and to transform what is necessary to achieve that aim. Related to Ray 5 the quintiles represent a creatively methodical approach (as opposed to an obsessive one), with precise intelligent division between what is and is not required. The “Golden Section” proportion of the 5-pointed pentagram symbolises an: “ability to spot and utilize proportion in either time or space or both” (John Townley, AstroCocktail). The fifth ray mind appreciates this relation of the lesser to the greater part, and the greater part to the whole. Overall, a neutral mental polarisation of focussed distinction, isolating qualities from the planets involved which are required for any defined outcome. Depending on other factors, it can be applied for either evolutionary or selfish outcomes, according to the individual or circumstance. Creative distinction.

Septiles: 7

Geometrically, the septile is the first aspect to stand symbolically outside what might be termed the more personal aspects formed by polygons of 3-6 sides, just as the heptagon breaks the bounds of the circle that surrounds a hexagon. In this case, the two synthesizing (will-related) qualities of Ray 7 are the will to:

  1. bring mental concepts and plans into material manifestation
  2. connect and synthesise various elements to create a whole

There is also an obvious connection to the esoteric meaning of Uranus. With many septiles (preferably connected) in a chart, there is potential to connect the ideal to the real. For form to become materialised there is a need to organise disparate elements within a form that connects them all. Depending on other factors, this ability can appear as a ‘calling’ for the good of the whole—for a community—rather than for individual gain. The Ray 7 essence here can involve connecting an old cycle to the start of a new, or an ability to contain numerous and apparently disparate elements within a wholistic pattern. Synthesise and manifest.

Deciles: 10 (1)

(see diagram: ‘Bidecile’=Quintile, ‘Quadecile’=Biquintile)

Overlapping the Quintile in meaning regarding the ability to sift essemtials from non-essentials, the Deciles are more subtle, possibly working in the background as a more abstract influence or ripe potential; a mental ability that can also strengthen any Quintile aspects in the chart. The connection with Ray 1 suggests ideas ready to be initiated or formed into workable mental constructs, concepts ready to be communicated, or mental actions that can initiate a new process. Emerging ideas may clear the way by shattering cystallised forms (espcially if the Plutonic side of Ray 1 is present). Being more abstract, if there are more than a couple of Deciles in the chart, their influence may only emerge if the abilities are realised within: I think I can do this.

Aspect Patterns and the Triangles

In an esoteric interpretation of aspect patterns that involve three or more planets, it is always important to check if the signs and/or planets appear in any of the Triangles of Esoteric Astrology.